Nike Strike Series FA16

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Unique 3D imagery manifests the power and precision of world-class athletes through short films. Recorded training data was the driving force behind the captivating visuals to reveal the true essence of the players.

Motivated to create a highly dramatic effect, rim and back lighting accentuate the players on darkened backgrounds. The collection is highlighted on each athlete resulting in high contrast stills and stirring moving images.

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Client: Nike Global Football
Nike Design Director: Nick Parkinson
Nike Art Director: David Chen
Creative Direction: Cedric Kiefer
Design/Animation: R. Schmidt, D. Öztürk, R. Gambacciani, D. Weidemann
Compositing: Fran Sanchez de Cañete
Production: Lars Wagner, Ian Otto
Sound: Jens Fischer
3D Scanning: Mimic Productions